Auf das Fortleben großen Erfindergeists

Die vielleicht letzte Chance Peter Pichler am Mixturtrautonium zusammen mit dem Bremer Ensemble New Babylon live zu erleben bekommt heute das Publikum in München nachdem sich die Musiker gestern und vorgestern in Hannover und Bremen gezeigt hatten.

Radio Bremen hat dazu diesen kurzen Trailer erstellt, der das Instrument und die besondere Präsentation einführt. Ersatzweise gibt es noch eine Doku von seinem grandiosen Konzert auf der SuperBooth19.

Schach matt?

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Francois from Shakmat Modular is coming over from Belgium to Berlin for a joyful evening at SchneidersLaden. He’ll play a performance based on his own modular designs and talk you through the patch. Learn more about Shakmat Modular modules and how to use them in a studio and live-environment. Shakmat Modular presented their first 1U modules at SUPERBOOTH19 – we surely will be hearing more about them and Francois latest ideas and visions. The current line of modules include a lot of very handy clocking utilities and more specialized beat-programming modules. Start at 7:30pm – participation is free of charge! #shakmatmodular #eurorack #modularworkshop #schneidersladen #modularsynth #synthesizer

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Flame Mäander und Mähr ..

Thomas Wagner and Per Salzwedel has already been seen in the early documentary called Totally Wired that gave an overview about what we are doing here nearly ten years ago. Thomas Wagner (aka Herr Blum, Flirren) will be playing a performance on the instruments designed by Per Salzwedel alias Flame.

After the usual workshop for unknowing people has started at 6pm the real thing of the day will start between half past seven and eight o’clock in our beloved showroom at the Kotbusser Tor above the Rewe, we will have a cold drink for you, be there in time, Thursday, Sept., 5th 2019!

Workshops and Gigs again soon (!):

On August 22nd with Gammon from Vienna presenting the “Workshop für Unwissende” and his own use of modulars in addition. See you soon on the Galery?

Freedom for the 12tone scalers ..

Finally: The Continuum mini arrived and is available for europeans (and others) from stock immediately now. It is the starter version of polyphonic gliding notes and three dimensions of parameters of any kind: the “bonsai-version” of the Haken Audio continuum, the original!

Wir sollten wohl RADIKALer werden!

It alien is italien w ma trix in, but ..

For Instance: the DC-1 by Soundmachines (IT) is not a drumcomputer, but a quite competent complex trigger sequencer based on a Matrix, what could be a bit unhandy or really good if you are used to play on your modulars in a drunk or stoned mood sometimes or not?

Unfortunately you (most of you) were not quite interested in buying this unit so far, what is totally fine, but now we made it as cheap as possible to make you think about this again! We made this with plenty of our products but .. to let you have some fun cruising thru the uncounted solutions and possibilities we did not mark these as “selling out now” or “cheaper than ever” but only lifted it to our sales list sometimes for a very short period of even cheaper than the cheapest price, .. so we will find out how low you can go? 

After we only have a very few of these and some other units left be aware that we will not order you another one once these two or three units will be sold, so .. perhaps the price for them will go up on Ebay again sooner than you can imagine?

Who knows, we will keep an eye on it and wish you all the best. With or without it.
Have a good day.