join the Gedenktafel Release!

Morgen, am 4.12.2020 inmitten von Corona-Wirren wird Bernd Kistenmacher die von Hans Zimmer und ihm initiierte Gedenktafel für das einstmalige Electronic Beat Studio in Berlin Wilmersdorf feierlich der “Öffentlichkeit” übergeben. Immerhin 60 Personen dürfen teilnehmen, es wird aber dringend um Anmeldung per Mail bei gebeten. Hans Zimmer kommt aus nachvollziehbaren Gründen leider nicht persönlich, […]

SuperBooth21 stands fixed!

Especially all “rooms” of the wonderful Bungalowdorf (also known as Huettendorf) are booked fix now for SUPERBOOTH21 (already!). An interesting community including Doepfer, E-RM and Vermona confirmed to make this new spot an attractive goal (.. not to talk about a hotspot here and nowadays!) for all visitors of next years spring times highlight probably […]

For your safety as for ours..

.. we have to change a few things back to “normal” as already experienced during the (first) corona Lockdown in spring time  this year: Within this week we will unfortunately have to close the little pickup counter in our stockroom at Ritterstraße again. From now on we kindly ask you to order online or over […]

today and tomorrow ..

we will be engaged again on, an event for the next generation of musicians normally playing live in Munich’s Gasteig for two nights now, but .. due to corona also this is happening just online this year, so please .. do not miss the participation of Dieter Doepfer, Tom, Arno and Sasha for SchneidersLaden […]

fuck off SYNTHBOOTH or what?

If it is becoming emotional I better swap to my mother language, so please use some internet programs for whatever you like.. .. and forgive me the following, please: Ich empfinde es als komplett geschmacklos und unter aller Würde, ein möchtegern-Branchenevent (Webseite im Internet / “Bezahlfernsehen”) mit diesem Namen (s.O.) für eine eigentlich gut vernetzte […]