The message – Jean-Michel Jarre

On the very last day of #SuperBooth20 home edition I had a video chat with the famous french artist Jean-Michel Jarre who visited Superbooth19 already and understood the idea I had with it even better than some others (?). Here is his answers to a few questions being completely according to the way I think […]

2020 einfach mal NICHTS?

.. warum denn nicht, aber wo bleibt da der Inhalt? .. Inhalte ausser innehalten? Einfach nur #zuhausebleiben, home sweet home, #superbooth20@home ?! Und es ist doch angeblich auch alles so einfach, aber seine eigenen Gewohnheiten zu überwinden, sich an neue Techniken zu gewöhnen ist echt schwer, .. finde ich(?)! Wir sitzen alle separiert im Büro […]

SchneidersLaden closed but still alive:

View this post on Instagram We can’t let you visit our showroom right now, so here is a little video from the inside. The mighty Demon Core by @supercriticalsynthesizers through the Frequensteiner. ? #demoncoreoscillator #supercriticalsynthesizers #eurorack #modularsynth #schneidersladen A post shared by SchneidersLaden (@schneidersladen) on Mar 19, 2020 at 9:14am PDT

SchneidersLaden offline/online .. (engl.)

Dear friends, partners, clients, guests and visitors, Respecting the current danger for some of us we cancel this years SUPERBOOTH2020 officially by today. We could already talk to the venue to let you know the next date we agreed for May 6th til 8th, 2021 in the wonderful FEZ Berlin again. Therefore we would like […]

SchneidersLaden online/offline .. (german)

Liebe Freunde, Partner, Kunden, Gäste und Besucher, Aus großem Respekt vor den aktuellen Gefahren für Menschen aus unserer Mitte blasen wir die diesjährige SuperBooth20 mit heutigem Datum ab. Wir haben bereits mit dem Veranstaltungsort gesprochen und können den Folgetermin vom 6. bis 8.Mai 2021 im FEZ Berlin hiermit verbindlich zusagen. An dieser Stelle ausdrücklich danken […]

Multimode classic..

The RS110(N) Multimodefilter by Analogue Systems is now available with Doepfer Bus and Euroack-compatible holes in the frontplate. It is offering enough space to really turn the knobs even with my (slighly thicker) fingers even after some cables has been patched. It is a luxury nowadays to not compress the functions of a system – […]

Join the Genki Wave @ SL

On Thursday 5th – tomorrow – we will have another pro workshop with some cans of beer or other drinks and a good mood in the evening at our beloved SchneidersLaden showroom. Directly after the “workshop for unknowing people” (at 6pm) Genki will explain their gesture controller (around 7:45pm) and play a performance to explain […]