SchneidersLaden offline/online .. (engl.)

Dear friends, partners, clients, guests and visitors, Respecting the current danger for some of us we cancel this years SUPERBOOTH2020 officially by today. We could already talk to the venue to let you know the next date we agreed for May 6th til 8th, 2021 in the wonderful FEZ Berlin again. Therefore we would like […]

SchneidersLaden online/offline .. (german)

Liebe Freunde, Partner, Kunden, Gäste und Besucher, Aus großem Respekt vor den aktuellen Gefahren für Menschen aus unserer Mitte blasen wir die diesjährige SuperBooth20 mit heutigem Datum ab. Wir haben bereits mit dem Veranstaltungsort gesprochen und können den Folgetermin vom 6. bis 8.Mai 2021 im FEZ Berlin hiermit verbindlich zusagen. An dieser Stelle ausdrücklich danken […]

.. learning more @ SchneidersLaden ..

The end is near? Our very last workshop for 2019 inside the showroom has been held on thursday by UDO introducing the SUPER-6, a video documentation will be released very soon. Having had two software companies in the house this time (Ableton & Bitwig) was a premiere for SchneidersLaden but it showed the usual way […]

.. the biggest thing we do?

Probably the biggest thing we do and the reason why musicians and artists keep one or two days while traveling for at least one relaxed afternoon inside SchneidersLaden, Berlin is the possibility to compare products in person! Understanding that this is a kind of pollution (if you can not make it to Berlin for other […]

Workshops and Gigs again soon (!):

On August 22nd with Gammon from Vienna presenting the „Workshop für Unwissende“ and his own use of modulars in addition. See you soon on the Galery?

What about ideas for modulars..

To generate some new inspiration for modular use, Timm started the series „What about..“ on Stromkult to share ideas, visions and knowledge from the team of SchneidersLaden and their inspirational clients with you. Have a look for new perspectives, respect the existing material and give him reviews or recommendations once there was something for you […]

Polygogo coming!

Towards the upcoming SUPERBOOTH many more news will be seen in the very near future in Berlin. As the very first release we are looking forward to present Max Rest alias E-RM on our little stage inside SchneidersLaden to introduce the outstanding Polygogo (see pic) with a little performance and some interesting visual possibilities and […]