.. i am, you are, we are ..

.. i am, you are, we are  .. responsible to get  together!

It is time to talk and the SUPERBOOTH21 is ready to welcome YOU on board:

Please plan your trips now for one, two, three, four days with either one, two, three, four workshops and/or one, two, three four concerts, ..get your one, two three, four tickets, .. VERY SOON!

And, Yes, ..YOU are self-responsible for YOUR experience thru this rich event between culture and commerce. Please, .. make the SuperBooth great again! .. this is urgent and we should talk, .. indeed!

And even if you cant make it in person, please plan your trip now and be online the right time for impressions from us in conversation with musicians, friends and partners in Hawaii, Mumbai, California, Edinbourgh, Paris, Chile and other corners of this planet: join the livestream on your screens or moderated eye to eye with audience in Berlins finest auditorium @SuperBooth21.

See you soon, thanks.