Manfred Fricke passed away

On June, 17th around 11am Manfred Fricke from Berlin alias MFB sadly passed away after having had a hard time with cancer for a while already. He left his wife Gloria and his son Jean-Marcel behind, we are all very sad having lost this partner, friend and father.

Always hardly engaged keeping his products affordable for his clients, MFB reached plenty of starting musicians with his electronic musical instruments, that quite often made their way to professional use later on, keeping their first units as something holy mostly.

With Manfreds birthdays we often had nice meetings and discussions in their garden behind their house in western Berlin with beer and sausages or a good pizza, Manfred and his family always had an open house and positive vibes.
Lets hope that Jean-Marcel will find his way to keep this alive and to go ahead, and lets hope that Manfred will finally meet up with all the other good guys on the other side.

Rest In Peace.