for Tapeloop Workshops action required ..

The Tapeloop Workshop is the first out of plenty of possibilities to learn more about making music with electronics. All (limited) places for this one on Saturday are sold out already. We could agree a second one on Friday and we are still talking about a third one on Wednesday (?), it seems to be time to decide to come or not and to book your tickets now.

.. i am, you are, we are ..

.. i am, you are, we are  .. responsible to get  together!

It is time to talk and the SUPERBOOTH21 is ready to welcome YOU on board:

Please plan your trips now for one, two, three, four days with either one, two, three, four workshops and/or one, two, three four concerts, ..get your one, two three, four tickets, .. VERY SOON!

And, Yes, ..YOU are self-responsible for YOUR experience thru this rich event between culture and commerce. Please, .. make the SuperBooth great again! .. this is urgent and we should talk, .. indeed!

And even if you cant make it in person, please plan your trip now and be online the right time for impressions from us in conversation with musicians, friends and partners in Hawaii, Mumbai, California, Edinbourgh, Paris, Chile and other corners of this planet: join the livestream on your screens or moderated eye to eye with audience in Berlins finest auditorium @SuperBooth21.

See you soon, thanks.

Radio Industrie ..

Auch aufgrund unserer Zusammenarbeit als SOOPERradio mit Radio Woltersdorf haben wir viel gelernt über die Möglichkeiten und den Sinn von terrestrischem Radio, das oft als veraltetes Medium gesehen wird und nicht selten in einer Präsentation von Belanglosigkeiten gefangen ist.

Mit einer grundsätzlichen Debatte über die Kultur und deren Betrachtung vom Rande der großen Stadt auch zum Anlass der Ansiedlung von Tesla genau dort realisiert die Szene rund um den „Plattenladen am Rande der Stadt“ jetzt ein beachtliches Projekt mit dem Titel Radio Industrie!

Unter Anderem in der Sendereihe „Zukunftstöne“, vom 16. bis 28. August 2021, um 16 Uhr jeweils auf Radio Industry zu hören, dreht sich alles um die Frage, wie wir unsere Gesellschaft zukunftsfähig machen können. Und das sollte doch in unser aller Sinne sein?

Vieles weitere demnächst im freien Radio und wie immer im Internetz: und

Buying Tickets for SuperBooth?

To buy your tickets for the SuperBooth will not be that easy this year. We have limits for people in the building, we have limits for the boat shuttle and there will be a one way system indoors leading you thru the hall and the upper floor with its exhibition stands and rooms, so please plan your trip following our recommendations.

We expect audience from overseas again – several americans have booked stands and flights – we hope for plenty of visitors from europe around, the numbers of infections are very low currently and we offer possibilities to be included and present for those who can not come.

If you are an artists friend from europe, a musicians father from around the corner, a modular nerd, a music journalist, an exhibitor, a retailer or just an interested late entry, we will form some recommendations for you these days to not just let you book four days with the full show. You will have a good time as long as you will be around, we work on this and ask you for that little patience. The tickets for special events and these parts of our program will be released with the upcoming weekend before the end of July.

Now you should decide if you will come in person and book your hotel in berlin if neccessary, for all others we will have a daily live stream from 4pm til 7pm and SOOPERradio on Thursday and Friday. And if you are exhibitor, please decide within this week if you will use our daily boat shuttle from mitte or not, the remaining seats will be made available for others, then. Thank you!