More than 30 full concerts online now ..

Looking back to our wonderful SUPERBOOTH19 we have uploaded more than 30 of the uncounted wonderful events as full concert movies already. So please feel free to have a look back again to three outstanding days of spring in Berlin.  We are already looking forward to the next issue in April 2020, looking forward meeting […]

Dewalta & Shannon @ SchneidersLaden

as every thursday also tonight we will have our free starterworkshop for modular beginners at 6 pm again but afterwards there will be a little liveset with explanations afterwards in our beloved showroom with the view down to the Kottbusser Tor. So if you can make it, ring the bell, get a beer or a […]

Cwejman, Eurorack and Quality

Mit Wowa Cwejman hatten wir zuletzt höchst anregende Gespräche über die bei einigen Marken verfallenden Qualitätsansprüche zugunsten von vermeintlich preiswerter Herstellung insbesondere von Stromversorgungseinheiten für die unendliche Welt im Eurorack. Inkompatibilitäten die sich in Störgeräuschen oder schlecht sitzenden Kabeln äussern können hat es bei gemischten Modularsystemen noch bis vor wenigen Jahren nur in benennbaren Ausnahmefällen […]

Wowa Cwejman in the house ..

For a short trip last week Wowa Cwejman came all the way down from Sweden to introduce his latest new module the Multibandcompressor MBC-3 inside SchneidersLaden. We invited him to do it with guests and could make this little movie of the performance to let you share the knowledge about his way of designing things […]


Starting with Gammons modular-workshops with kids as happened every day on this years Superbooth i will release all the videos step by step thru our vimeo channel now commented by guests. See here our first try having met Gammon again in my office (SchneidersBuero) for another interview commenting the cut-down a bit in a Q&A-situation.