for Tapeloop Workshops action required ..

The Tapeloop Workshop is the first out of plenty of possibilities to learn more about making music with electronics. All (limited) places for this one on Saturday are sold out already. We could agree a second one on Friday and we are still talking about a third one on Wednesday (?), it seems to be […]

.. learning more @ SchneidersLaden ..

The end is near? Our very last workshop for 2019 inside the showroom has been held on thursday by UDO introducing the SUPER-6, a video documentation will be released very soon. Having had two software companies in the house this time (Ableton & Bitwig) was a premiere for SchneidersLaden but it showed the usual way […]

Life should be so simple:

If you still have good old Doepfer gear, please be aware that it is not that bad as some expensive import hipster things in supersmall with tiny or freaky new features and demo-buttons and plenty of stored functions. Please look at the existing things from good old german engineers as your homegrown, locally (ground-)transported and […]

What about ideas for modulars..

To generate some new inspiration for modular use, Timm started the series „What about..“ on Stromkult to share ideas, visions and knowledge from the team of SchneidersLaden and their inspirational clients with you. Have a look for new perspectives, respect the existing material and give him reviews or recommendations once there was something for you […]

Dieter is the NIKOLAUS ?

Diesen Donnerstag (6.12. = Nikolaus) kommt Dieter Doepfer zu einem weiteren Workshop zum Thema D.I.Y.. In diesem Fall und aus aktuellem Anlass backen wir Kekse. Auch wenn der ungekrönte Pabst der Eurorack Modularwelt vielleicht eher für seine fast unzähligen Module bekannt sein sollte, ist es wert auch einmal seine einmaligen Plätzchen zu kosten, denn nur […]….

A very  new multi delay processor offering quite funky effects is the latest creation by Mark Verbos to be introduced towards the upcoming SuperBooth18. On April 19th (tomorroww) its pre-release for clients and friends of the house at 7pm inside SchneidersLaden will be the introduction of our new SL Casino the same time, offering weekly […]

Definitely the keyboardsynths #1

Tom Oberheims Two Voice Pro is definitely the Keyboardsynth number one that I would be willing to sell my (comparible) boring Minimoog for, when I would find the time for such. I was just upset finding this rather negative review on it online, but after reading it, I have to state out that just the […]