.. i am, you are, we are ..

.. i am, you are, we are  .. responsible to get  together! It is time to talk and the SUPERBOOTH21 is ready to welcome YOU on board: Please plan your trips now for one, two, three, four days with either one, two, three, four workshops and/or one, two, three four concerts, ..get your one, two […]

Looking back to the second wave..

During the Lockdown end of 2020 we made a lovely little STECKBLATT (#21.1) for clients and friends to compensate the currently impossible personal chat and time we always spent with visitors inside our beloved showroom. Finally today the second issue called STECKBLATT 21.2 arrived to be added exclusively with each and every delivery from SchneidersLaden […]


We finally had to shift the SUPERBOOTH 2021 to late summer, now looking forward to welcome you on board at the FEZ and its wonderful park around it from 15th until 18th of September. sooperGRAIL will happen in May 2022 now, the exact dates will be published soon. Guitar makers and exhibitors who already got […]

the german „Das Musikinstrument“..

In the german magazine „Das Musikinstrument“ for the branch of musical instrument traders and promoters the following dates are right now all current dates called „Aktuelle Termine“: So it looks like if we will have to move our beloved SUPERBOOTH into August, we could unfortunately not be the pioneers of going back to real life […]

For your safety as for ours..

.. we have to change a few things back to „normal“ as already experienced during the (first) corona Lockdown in spring time  this year: Within this week we will unfortunately have to close the little pickup counter in our stockroom at Ritterstraße again. From now on we kindly ask you to order online or over […]

Kaum regnets ein wenig ..

.. da gehts mir gleich viel besser. Der Optimismus kehrt zurück und neue Visionen stören meine Angestellten. SUPERBOOTH wird stattfinden, wir arbeiten an einer neuen Konzeption, die hoffentlich auch den hygienischen Auflagen der Zukunft gerecht wird, mindestens aber denen der Gegenwart. Wer uns in diesem Jahr trotz Absage der physischen Veranstaltung die Treue gehalten hat, […]

Sieben Gläser Wein ..

Jede Woche eins und alles wird gut (!): This Thursday – February, 13th – the next workshop season starts at SchneidersLaden – for another seven weeks, in addition to the weekly Modular Beginner Workshop – there will be a „pro“ workshop and/or performance every Thursday starting around 7:30pm. We are already excited about our first […]