Ferien und Dann .. all dates:

Berlin hat Schulferien im Herbst, die Sonne scheint noch immer auch in Spanien aber schon bald sind wir alle wieder da und treffen uns Donnerstags abends in SchneidersLaden wie neulich zum Instore-Event oder zum Feierabendgetränk oder zum Workshop für Unwissende ab 18 Uhr? 8.11. mit Lady Starlight, 15.11. Instruo hat abgesagt: Tom K. präsentiert Vermona, […]

Dewalta & Shannon @ SchneidersLaden

as every thursday also tonight we will have our free starterworkshop for modular beginners at 6 pm again but afterwards there will be a little liveset with explanations afterwards in our beloved showroom with the view down to the Kottbusser Tor. So if you can make it, ring the bell, get a beer or a […]

André Gonçalves alias ADDAC

The Gesprächskonzert for ADDAC was used by the owner André Gonçalves to introduce himself as a person coming from the arts, not being an engineer but willing to make things to open up the perspective on something. Please see him here introducing his earlier work finally ending up with our “pro” video team not being […]

Let the goldfish perform..

.. or “Tribute to the real analogue”.. .. or “Analogue Systems about EMS..” .. and “the masterpiece..” could explain you a bit .. .. about the source of eurorack initiated by Doepfer and Analogue Systems roundabout 20 years ago. Some more videos will follow soon and we hope to also see Mister Bob Williams and […]